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Real-life room escape game is a real-time physical game in which a team consisting of typically two to five players is locked in a room and has a limited time of one hour, to solve a sequence of puzzles to find a way out of the room. Mysteries can be logical, mathematical, linguistic, relate to the appearance of observability, combativity, wits, orientation in space, sense of time, and team spirit.

Logical puzzles suitable for everyone. An ideal opportunity to develop thinking.

A unique opportunity to bring together your team with an exciting experience that can not be successfully passed without a good teamwork. Escape Rooms also offers special teambuilding offers.

Wonder what kind of gift to do? Search stops here! Each of the games of Escape Rooms is the perfect choice for a birthday party or if you just want to surprise someone.

Book Online with Labyrinth Escape Games! You are just a few clicks away from keeping an hour in one of our three puzzle rooms.


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