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Welcome to Plumber Concord NC, Inc.! The success of any service company is based on several factors. The most important is service to our customers.

Plumber Concord NC’s vision is to be more than just plumbers. We are trained professionals at all levels of our company, who deliver value that surpasses the cost. We aspire to be a trusted friend and consultant who is there for the customer when needed. A professional company who the customer can rely on like their accountant or doctor. To deliver this value, we need a quality place to work; and a feeling of pride about who we are, what we do, and who we work with. Our goal is to be a great regional company, not just a great local plumbing company. We aspire to be a great company for the customers, and the employees alike. To be a place where people can work with peace of mind, a feeling of accomplishment, and the recognition of a job well done.


To truly live Plumber Concord NC mission statement we must create a win-win-win environment for our customers, our employees and be solid, growing, profitable firm. We can only accomplish this by serving our customers exceedingly well; by providing premier services with the value, trust, and professionalism that make the cost a secondary matter. We monitor our performance by constantly asking our customers if we’re providing the high levels of service that we’re striving for, and by insisting on 100% customer satisfaction, whether it’s a simple pre-season check-up or a complete new system. Our goals are lofty but our resolve and dedication are resolute.

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