McMurray plumber Hill District is a licensed professional available to perform plumbing tasks for maintenance, repair or new construction. Plumbers install and maintain water distribution systems, gas stove and heater installation and repair, provide emergency services, inspect plumbing systems, provide helpful tips to help consumers keep their plumbing in good working order.

In addition to plumbing, plumbers have to be trained in the fine art of welding and soldering. Most metal plumbing connections are soldiered or welded in place. Some newer pipes are made of different types of plastic and are joined with epoxy that makes the joints water tight.

Plumbers are trained through an apprentice program that allows them to learn their trade on the job. It is a very practical way to learn a skill, as there is nothing like real world experience to bring a point home when learning a new skill. The apprentice program is performed under the supervision of a licensed plumber. The work must be documented and included with the application for the licensing exam.


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When the plumber in training is accepted into the apprentice program, he or she must apply for an apprentice license. The apprentice will be granted a temporary apprentice license until the permanent license is issued.

The plumber in training has to work a certain number of hours during the apprenticeship program. The licensed plumber must be authorized to work with an apprentice and has a prescribed program to follow to assure the apprentice of receiving complete plumbing training.

At the completion of the apprentice program, the plumber in training will have performed just about every task and used every skill necessary to complete any plumbing task. The next step for the apprentice plumber is to have the opportunity to use the skills acquired and continue his or her training to fine tune their skills and eventually take the plumbers license exam and become an official licensed plumber.

The plumbing exam can be taken as soon as the apprentice program has been completed. The application must include the required information including apprentice program documentation including a copy of the apprentice license.