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Charlotte heating and air companies Tips

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Avoid Covering Radiators During The Cooler Months

Radiators are mostly found underneath windows or along walls which are perfect for sofas and chairs; and usually covered which is bad during the winter months. When the radiators are turned on the hot air is limited as the heat hits the chair or whatever is in front of it and doesn’t circulate the room. This means one of two things; firstly, you have to keep the heating on for longer in order to heat the room and secondly the bills are going to increase. Instead, avoid placing objects in front of the radiators or at least avoid larger furniture pieces. This will help the hot air flow naturally and prevent it from being restricted also. If in doubt, call your Charlotte heating and air companies for more advice.


Weather Stripping All Doors And Windows

Too many people believe double-glazing windows will be sufficient enough to keep the heat in. However, in reality that isn’t always the case and it may be your home requires weather stripping. Weather stripping doors and windows isn’t a costly or difficult task and you can easily do this from home yourself. Like air conditioning repair, homes require proper insulation otherwise heat leaks out. If you take the time to weather strip the windows then you can keep a home warm and keep energy costs low.

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