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eParking is a provider of advanced technology solutions for mobile on-street and off-street parking, and interactive parking information.
The company’s proven platform, eP System, enables municipalities and parking operators to enhance the efficiency and profitability of their parking infrastructure, while providing drivers with a most convenient and cost-effective parking method.



The eP technology is designed to provide global mobile parking services and m-payment on a single platform.


What We Will Provide?

The eP System

  1.  Shows open parking spots on your cellphone screen or your car dashboard.
  2. Directs you to the parking spot.
  3. Pay for your parking time, in assigned parking zones, using your cellular telephone, or as a member it will be charged directly to their account. All this without the need for parking cards or parking meters. It is simple, economical and user-friendly. The payment will appear in your bank account, credit card or your cellphone bill.
  4. Registration is free, NO subscription fee or commitment. With eP technology, you pay only for your actual parking time, making it more efficient and economical than any other means of payment currently available to the parking consumer.
    We offer Parking system with no hassle. And you can extend the parking from your cellphone

eParking spaces can be pre-booked from nine months as long as one day before takeoff. A most extreme charge of €35 every day applies, with each extra hour costing €6. The cost for seven days of “eParking” is €175. Devoted “eParking” spaces are accessible.

There are obviously still EV parking spots inside  stopping structures that explorers and guests can get to precipitously. Be that as it may, charging the battery for nothing is restricted to 3.7 kW here, and there is no assurance of a space at one of the charging stations.

For basic leadership, it improves client experience and would be changing the future for retail parking.

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