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Now, for only $8.95 a month, you can have your security system monitored 24/7 by a professional central station that can dispatch the police, fire department or medical aid when there’s an emergency.


Alarm monitoring by a UL-listed central station
For years, home security for the apartment has looked by a company that would work with the thousands of alarm systems we have sold. Plus, they insisted on gouging you by charging upwards of $30 per month (with an automatic monthly debit from your checking account no less).
The lowest priced monthly monitoring available
No long-term contracts required

One-Third the Price of Other Monitoring Services
By teaming with Alarm Relay, a nationwide provider of professional alarm monitoring services, The Home Security Store now offers customers professional alarm monitoring for about a third of what it would cost through other providers. Alarm Relay, which has been monitoring alarms for decades, operates a state-of-the-art facility that serves alarm customers across the country.

Why Only $8.95?
Unlike other monitoring services that charge upwards of $30 a month, Alarm Relay monitoring is geared for do-it-yourselfers who are adept at maintaining the hardware of the system. So if a battery in the panel or wireless sensor goes bad, you’ll be able to fix it yourself (no trucks or technicians required). Those trucks and technicians only add to the cost of monthly monitoring, which is how we can offer monitoring at such a low price. When you sign up for alarm monitoring, a trained technician will phone you and you’ll punch in the same codes an alarm installer would to get your system hooked up to the central station. We’ve also been able to keep the price low by billing customers a year at a time, rather than establishing a time-consuming automatic debit payment structure. No credit reports are required, and apart from a one-time $35 set-up fee, there are no hidden costs. If it takes two hours for you and the technician to program your system, there’s no extra charge.

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