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The Huntington Beach CA Removal Company performs all of its own stump grinding work. There are a lot of tree service companies in Huntington Beach CA and other areas that rely on other tree service companies to perform their stump grinding, but not us! Huntington Beach CA tree removal offers you its own stump grinding and removal services. We have the equipment, training and experience to provide professional, effective stump grinding services. If you choose The Tree Service Company we will handle the entire job for you so you don’t have to worry about contracting other companies to perform the stump grinding.


You know when you choose The Tree Service Company you will get your stump grinding done right the first time! Your stump will be ground 8-12 inches below grade (much deeper than most stump grinders) to ensure the complete removal of the stump. We even make sure surface roots are ground out! After the stump grinding is complete you can keep the Grade A Mulch to use in your landscaping or pay us a small fee to haul it away for you. When we leave your home or business all you should have to do is throw a little bit of grass seed down and allow the lawn to come back beautifully.


Interested in saving money on your stump grinding? Take advantage of our “Keep the Mulch” discount which allows you to keep the Grade A Mulch generated from your stump grinding project. In some cases this can save almost 50% on the stump grinding cost! The majority of our customers keep the mulch from their tree stump removal to use for landscaping projects.


Interested in planting another tree where the stump was removed? The Tree Service Company offers specialty stump grinding for future replanting of trees which results in our grinding equipment going down about 2 feet below grade to pulverize the entire main root. Please ask for pricing on this type of stump removal!

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