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It was recently reported that three Regional Commissioners for the Social Security Administration received cash awards averaging $54,000 each.

Am I the only one who thinks this isn’t right?

Consider this – The dedicated employees on the field offices awards averaged less than $1,000. And, only the top 20% of employees received an award!

I was in management and had input or made the final decision on who received an award in my office.


When I am talking about awards given in the field offices where the claims are taken and processed, where there are constant demands to do more with less and almost all contact with the public occurred, the awards ranged from about $200-$900.

That was also about the same amount management in the offices received.

The higher up in the bureaucracy that you go, the higher the awards. There is little consideration given to how the individual contributed to the overall success of the agency.

Social Security field offices are understaffed.

It has been Congressional policy for at least the last 20 years to reduce the number of SSA employees every year. Now it is practically impossible to accomplish all the work that is expected of them and do it with any degree of quality.

Yet Congress continues to whittle away at the staffing while wringing their hands and declaring that more work has to be done faster.

But yet, somehow, while decreasing staffing, the funds can be found for $54,000 awards for those at the top.

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Quality Commercial Electrician Tampa

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As your Commercial Electrician Tampa, we always schedule in convenient appointment windows that suit you, our customer. And, we always call before we arrive, whether it is on your cell phone or work phone. We can call you at work, or while you’re shopping, and then meet you at your home. We specialize in professional, convenient, and knowledgeable electrical service..


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The advancing complexity of the high-technology arena has changed the very nature of low-voltage systems in contemporary construction. Enhancements and adjustments to existing structures, as well as design and implementation of new buildings, have been modernized with high-speed, digital, Internet-protocol-based systems capable of complete user customization and programmed for future upgradeability.

Best Weight Loss Advice

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Obesity is a serious health hazard. This has been recognized as a public health problem, particularly in developed countries where food are available everywhere 24/7.  Physical activity also diminishes due to automation and advancement of the technology. Obesity increases the chances of acquiring several diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, renal diseases, gout, gall bladder diseases and cardio-vascular diseases.

You should take into consideration the following weight loss help program: diet plan should fit into the framework of family food habits and eating patterns, it should also be nutritionally adequate and provides all the necessary nutrients that the person needs. It also should be limited in energy to bring a foreseeable weight loss.  On the onset of obesity it should be brought to attention and also its history because the psychological aspects and prognosis are quite different in persons. It can be cause by an emotional problem or an “endocrine” abnormality like hypothyroidism or hyperadrenocorticism.


Quality Cleaning Company

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Charlotte heating and air companies Tips

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Avoid Covering Radiators During The Cooler Months

Radiators are mostly found underneath windows or along walls which are perfect for sofas and chairs; and usually covered which is bad during the winter months. When the radiators are turned on the hot air is limited as the heat hits the chair or whatever is in front of it and doesn’t circulate the room. This means one of two things; firstly, you have to keep the heating on for longer in order to heat the room and secondly the bills are going to increase. Instead, avoid placing objects in front of the radiators or at least avoid larger furniture pieces. This will help the hot air flow naturally and prevent it from being restricted also. If in doubt, call your Charlotte heating and air companies for more advice.


Weather Stripping All Doors And Windows

Too many people believe double-glazing windows will be sufficient enough to keep the heat in. However, in reality that isn’t always the case and it may be your home requires weather stripping. Weather stripping doors and windows isn’t a costly or difficult task and you can easily do this from home yourself. Like air conditioning repair, homes require proper insulation otherwise heat leaks out. If you take the time to weather strip the windows then you can keep a home warm and keep energy costs low.