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We buy houses in Dallas

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What you’re really paying the realtor for is for his flashy office, his luxury car, his secretary, his staff, his yearly European vacation….


Wouldn’t you rather have a fun-filled vacation with your family and friends than giving it away for free to your realtor?

We buy houses in Dallas

I think you deserve it personally after all the stress you’ve gone through recently.

I mean, who knows your house better than you?


Who can show potential buyers everything that’s great about your place?


You need to take a more active role in selling your own home. The little that a realtor does you can do in a pinch.

Do you know in the city where I live if your house hasn’t sold in the first two weeks your listing gets shafted to the bottom of the pile?

They’re going to completely stop focusing on your home and will spend their time selling the charms of the newer listings (which have the higher chance of getting sold because they’re newly listed).

I’m sorry to say that’s just the way it is. The realtor wants the quickest way to 7# however they’re going to get it and after two weeks your house isn’t going to cut it.


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