Are Girls Different from Boys in Online Gaming?

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Are Girls Different from Boys in Online Gaming?

December 14, 2020 | Gaming | No Comments

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Among teenagers who play online games with other teenagers over a shared network, almost 90% of those networked Gaming boys and almost equally of girls are playing those games even with other people they hardly know in real life (for an estimate of 89%, of all teenagers). But even when it comes to people who are not friends but game partners, boys who play online games almost always are more inclined to say that they play online games with these people than people who are not friends. But is there something different here? Do girls play online games differently from boys?

The answer is yes. In fact the differences in the ways girls and boys play video games are pretty significant. One of the most marked differences is that boys of all ages tend to be more competitive with their friends or game partners than with anyone who is not a family member. Boys are not afraid to show their competitiveness through their online gaming. They don’t feel like they need to pretend to be good in order to feel good. They are not scared of the competition.

On the other hand, girls tend to play online games in a more relaxed way. They feel comfortable with multiplayer games as they do with single player ones. They feel like they can compete with other girls in the same category including with the ones whom they really like. This may sound funny but it’s true. In most of the multiplayer online games, it is not uncommon for girls to play with the same gender as their friends. They might be in different categories, but they are still part of the same network.

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