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We may choose to spend a lot or a little, just as in the purchasing of any garment, garments, be it in sports wear, casual, or mayben every day wear, and everybody has our own personal preference for colors and designs.

They are sold in a variety of styles and colors when buying a Jiu Jitsu Gi, unlike his Judo and Karate counterparts. However, only 2 of the colors, which are white and blue, are officially recognized. Therefore remember to buy your Bjj Gi in one of the 2 regulatory colors, if you want to fight on a competition basis.

We recommend that you ask for advice when buying your Jiu Jitsu club or trainer, as they know the basics, several Jiu Jitsu Gi clubs, and they all have to use the same Bjj Gi. This is practical, particularly when we talk about children taking Ju Jitsu from Brazil. Maybe they want to join a club that’s full of excitement and that can fade, so it’s not realistic to spend a massive amount of money on Bjj Kimono. Children are also rising very quickly, so there is no point in investing cash in a Gi and spending more cash the next year and the next.

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If we buy Jiu Jitsu Gi from an adult, or even from competition criteria for a committed person, then we can look to buy one we particularly love, which is practical for the job. We may buy a dual or a single Gi weave, depending on the climatic position of our residence. Although the single weaves are much simpler than ever, the poor fabric can tear or perhaps rip easily as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu requires a lot of flooring. A double fabric Gi is much more proof, but hinders the movement, because both types of fabrics have inconveniences and advantages that actually make the choice light.

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Looking over the Internet, you can find many websites specializing in the use of Brazilian Ju Jitsu, which will guide you and buy your Gi online. We know exactly how wide the variety of Jiu JitsuGis is here, but we must note that, if we want to compete with our Gi, regulatory requirements must be applied.

These are the main things we must remember when buying our Jiu Jitsu Gi. It is important to understand the purpose of purchasing Bjj Kimonos. It could be for technical use, fighting and contest, maybe occasionally for use or a kid in a post-school club. Purchase whatever Bjj Kimono you are very happy with and whatever fits in your budget. If you practise Jiu Jitsu on a regular basis, it is of course easier for us to be the owner of multitude of Bjj Gi, so that we always have a clean one and prepared for the upcoming training session of us.

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